Sunday, October 21, 2012

A New Start

After all, the second is always better than the first. Ask the second King Charles. He would agree with it, and so would by grandfather who is also a second. So this is my blog...the second. 

    Here, I will share the things I love, and Explore what it means to live a happy life...A simple life, and a good life. One that is not encumbered with keeping up  (since I fell behind long ago. I don't know what half of the things on this website mean...and I don't imagine I ever will) and having "it all" whatever that means. Or maybe I do have it all. Maybe having it all is hearing my husband say "how do you manage to look so beautiful right after you wake up?" (and that, my friends, is love) or being the lucky recipient of a Lupe Hug (no dog in the world can embrace better) or taking a long run in the forest and feeling the air in my lungs and knowing I am strong, and I am here, and I am blessed. Maybe we don't need nearly as much as we thing we do, and only need to learn how to appreciate and best use the gifts we are given.
So that's what I'll be doing on here, and I would love it if you'd join me. 


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