Monday, November 12, 2012

A Simple Home

Both Nick and I like things to look pretty. We also like old things, and we also don't have a whole lot of surplice money to be throwing around. So, putting together our simple little home was both a challenge, and a whole lot of fun. I love shopping with Nick, and he has amazing taste. Granted...we got into a few tiffs over preferences...but overall, we both love what we ended up with.

Our living room, like our whole house, is very small. The biggest challenge was finding the perfect couch. This beautiful old white one, I found at a flea market for a casual twenty dollars. The rich person pillow (as I call it) is made from recycled material and was found at a local thrift shop for 12 dollars.
The little red table beside it we found at an upcycle 'antique' store for twenty dollars. I love the cheery red color contrasted with the blue frame and my moms collection of old 40's.
Our Book Nook consists of a conglomeration of old wine crates, a small bookshelf, and a gorgeous old chair I found in Ipswich outside of a mansion.
Nick and I are not above finding Side Of Road furniture. We actually love doing it. Nick is not SO into knick-knacks, and I am, so I tried to contain them to just this book area. 
My mom drew the horse picture,and Nick made the two Found material pictures above.

Elephant corner. And my moms Bobbsey twin book collection.
Nick found the ridiculously cute rabbit lamp shade on the street, and ran across a lane of traffic to retrieve it for me when he was driving to visit me once.
Our coffee table used to be my writing chest when I was a little girl. I repainted it in this lovely light blue shade.

Nicks record corner-- we found the record shelf at a yard sale for 5$. The chair was a side of the road pick-up. 
This gorgeous map print we found at the same flea market as the couch. 

And now, although not yet pictured, the living room is rounded off with my new, very own piano. Last night we filled our house with guests for dinner and then, as we nibbled on a rustic apple tart, we gathered in the living room to sing with the piano. Does that sound ridiculous? Maybe it does. But there is a simple pleasure-- a perfect simple pleasure-- in music, and company, and food, and the combination.

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