Friday, November 2, 2012

You win some, you lose some

Sometimes, I make dinner and it doesn't taste good. And then I feel like Lupe hiding underneath curtains because she feels bad.
That happened last night...the bad dinner. I tried making a chicken-broccoli stew, but the broccoli went awry and the whole thing tasted like a pine needle. Because my husband is both kind, and fond of eating, he insisted that it tasted good. But I know a lie when I hear one. But bad cooking, from time to time, happens to the best of us, I suppose. 

A year ago, Nick proposed to me at this place which is possibly my favorite spot in the whole world. It was the first place that he and I went on a 'big date' about a week after we started dating. That day at Sturbridge Village was pretty much perfect. I can still remember what I wore-- a blue vintage dress and a sunny yellow sweater. I already knew, just a week or two in, that I wanted to spend  the rest of my life with Nick. 

Also that I wanted to live in a pretend town from the Olden Days. Because, oh, it is so beautiful. It makes me want to cry every time I'm there which is what most beautiful, and bygone things make me want to do. Nick proposed  to me underneath a big tree and near, of all things, a little 'lawyers' cottage. He said, "When we bring our children here someday, I'll point to this tree and say, that's where I asked your mother to marry me." 
There I am, in my vintage skirt and that I got JUST in case he proposed, as happy as one human could possibly be. Its hard to believe its been a whole year, and its hard to believe its been only a year. Both at the same time.

Now, thankfully, we live near Portsmouth, and Portsmouth has Strawberry Banke, which is another (much smaller) historical town. I'm looking forward to the Candlelight stroll at Christmas time. Bundling up and strolling down candlelit paths while people in wonderful costumes make old fashioned Christmas food and decorate their houses? I'm there. 

In other news: Today I am buying a camera if all  goes well so I can stop using Nicks iphone as my only source for pictures. I used to have a camera but it disappeared in the move, and unlike Alice the Cat who also disappeared during the move, I don't think its coming back.

Happy Friday.


  1. Treat for you.
    Core and slice one apple.
    Slice it into rounds,
    Slather on peanut butter
    Dot with chocolate chips.
    Sprinkle with oatmeal or granola.
    Est! Tastes like a. Cookie.

  2. Also, send me the recipe for the soup. May hap I can fix it from pine needle to yum?


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