Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arts and Crafts and Burlap

I am not so very craftsy. At least I have never considered myself to be-- I don't often get the urge to create, but that being said, I did make a million things for my wedding and I enjoyed it-- for the most part. I'm not particularly into things that take a lot of supplies and/or a lot of measuring. Sort of how I'm not into baking things that need to rise. Like bread. Or cinnamon rolls. Because I don't like having to wait, and I don't like having to make my kitchen messy with flour on the counter and rolling pins. And that's fact of it. But if the craft is simple and the outcome is pretty, I don't hate it.
Also, as previously stated, and as showcased at my wedding, I have an ongoing love affair with bunting. I also have an excess of burlap and pretty material left over from my nuptials  So get ready for all kinds of Christmas bunting too. I hung this up in my kitchen, and it would have taken no time at all to make except for the fact that I put the letters on backwards so it said stevrah which is not a real word, and I am not so clever as to have a coded Thanksgiving bunting in my home. 

All you need to make this sweet little decoration is some burlap, a piece of pretty material (I used this blue and white toile) some ribbon or string, sharp scissors, a pen, fabric glue, and a piece of cardboard. Oh, and a heavy book.

First, cut out a bunting shape in the cardboard. Any size you like. Mine are pretty small-- but make sure to make the top part a little bit longer (not a perfect triangle) so that you can fold it over the string like an envelope when you begin to Bunt in earnest. 
Next, trace your word onto the fabric, and carefully cut out each of your letters. They don't have to look perfect. Its ok if they're a little wonky because that gives it character. Right?
Trace the cardboard shape onto the burlap.
Then cut all the bunt pieces out with your very sharp scissors. 
After that's done, carefully glue each of the letters onto his or her own piece of bunting. Some letters are girls, and some are boys, and some are questioning, and I accept them all.
Then comes the challenging part. Gluing the bunting to the ribbon. Its not so very challenging, but it is if you put the letter on backwards and have to redo it. So, remember, the first letter you put on should, in fact, be the last. Or you can find your own system. I'm  not the boss here.

Lay the bunting face down, and squeeze three strips of glue out-- one on top, in the middle, and on the ribbon.
Hold it down firmly until the burlap creases, and then put a heavy book on top of it while you move to the next piece.
By the way, this is a great book. I'm almost done, and will add it to my book list. 

Continue gluing your way down the ribbon until all the pieces of bunt are attached. And then you're done. See? No measuring, waiting, or complicated supplies. That's the way I like it.
Today is a little bit of a sad day. Because it is freezing cold. And I'm sitting in front of my space heater. And my fingers went all the way numb on my run. And I'm looking forward to my hour and fifteen minute commute (one way) because the heat in my car is so cozy warm. But on the bright side, I saw a used piano to purchase today, and it will be mine on Sunday. And the house will have music in it. And that is exciting.

Happy Hump Day (for some.)

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  1. I cannot wait to make cinnamon rolls for you, I made them yesterday..soft,squishy,spiced, and ooooh so yummy


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