Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple-pork Sweet Potato Bake

Last night we had a thanksgiving celebration here with friends. I was up early for a run, and saw a beautiful, enormous, antlered buck cross my path-- amazing. I was on my feet for the rest of the day baking, cooking, cleaning-- it was such fun but this morning I awoke feeling so sick I almost cried. Actually I did cry-- who am I kidding. I have a bad habit of running myself ragged-- I am horrible at resting, and can always think of things I need to do. Exercising, cleaning, running errands, cooking, and of course, working. Every now and then my body shuts down in protest. Ironically, Lupe is also throwing up today. The two of us are lying in bed, wishing there was someone here to make us chicken noodle soup and bring us warm mugs of tea. Instead, we are just trying not to pity ourselves.

A few nights ago, we had this delicious dinner. I wish it were more of  photogenic dish-- but believe me, it is so tasty. Tender, savory pork chops dusted with cinnamon, over brown sugar sweet potato's topped with juicy apples. Amazing.
It is also an incredibly quick and easy dish. It only  takes four steps.

First, peel and slice 3 sweet potatoes.
Layer them on the bottom of the crock pot, and dust with a little salt and pepper and one teaspoon of brown sugar.
Next, thinly slice half an onion and layer over the potatoes. 

Then, dust three pork chops with some cinnamon, salt, paprika and pepper, and cook them in a frying pan till they are slightly browned but not at all cooked through.
Layer the pork chops over the onions, and core and slice two apples. These make up the final layer.
Top with another teaspoon of brown sugar, two tablespoons of orange juice, and a dash or two of cinnamon, and put the lid on. 
Cook it on low for about 6 hours, and then dish it up and revel in the savory sweet comfort. THE BEST fall/winter dinner I think. We'll certainly be having it again. 

Now I'm thoroughly exhausted from posting this, and am going to take yet another nap. Lupe is curled up against me and snoring peacefully. Whoever sends over the chicken noodle soup first gets an award. 

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