Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some Days...

In essence, today was not my day. In spite of the late sunshine, and the beautiful run and walk that Lupe and I had-- it was a little bit frustrating. One of those days where you hope that you won't suddenly start crying at a horribly awkward moment because you are this close. You know the type.

But it is as it is. This morning Lupe and I went for a beautiful but freezing walk between lessons in Newburyport. On the Rail Trail, there are a whole bunch of 'modern' sculptures-- including one of a large copper horse. Lupe has an abiding (and hilarious) fear of horses and cowered behind me as we strolled by it.  I tried to make her sniff it to see that it was only a pretend horse, but she wasn't risking it.
Later, we went to another park-- this time a large state one in Topsfield-- for a run and hike. And, lo and behold, the place was filled with horses and their riders-- and poor Lupe couldn't have been less pleased. She mostly hid behind me which doesn't make me feel particularly confident in her guard dog abilities...

It was a beautiful day, once the sun came out. But I am tired. I'm glad tomorrow is, in all ways, a day of rest.

I have an amazing meal to put on here, plus what will (hopefully) be a great Birthday Dinner for Nick and his friends tomorrow...but I'll save it for when I am Wide Awake and not Fading Rapidly. 

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