Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Between yesterday and last night I must have slept a solid twenty hours. Nick was a good nurse when he got home from work and school, feeding me chicken soup, gatorade for my dehydrated self, and medicine. He propped me up on pillows, and we watched The Walking Dead Season 3 (YES!) and I felt better, and slept like a rock.

Today, I managed to take a slow paced three mile run with Lupe (who was also feeling better), make dinner, and go to work. Oh, and I started some Christmas shopping.

Here are a few pictures from the Thanksgiving Extravaganza of Cooking that I did on Sunday...
Indian pudding, and two apple tarts.

Boiling Sulfar Beans for the Boston Baked beans.
Lupe, guarding the baking tarts.
Apples for the tarts.

Boston Baked Crock Pot Beans.

finally, a perfect pie crust.
The Big Boy.
 Tomorrow I'll post up my first Leftover dinner. Slim-Turkey Tetrazzini. For now, enjoy your Tuesday Evening, and gear up for the long weekend.

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